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Delivered at OU Design & Wine Experience, Sadama 5, 80012, Pärnu, Estonia, spanish wines tastings are an unique experience, and we are decided to get you close to all these selected Wineries, evocating all bouquet of french and caucasian oak barrels and the bottled result of a very long meeting of variables, condensed in bottles like unique masterpieces. We want to introduce you to the experience of tasting, in a funny and relaxed event up to 2 hours, where an expert in spanish wines from our brands will deveal to you the secret and history of each wine, and how to combine in the proper way to exprime the most of the quality and features. We organize these experiences by type, region and winery, up to 8 people each session. It will be also a good opportunity to practice spanish! In this category you will find the schedule of each session. 

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  • €30.00

    TC-05/03/21 - Tasting Session MLR Cuvée Privée Red Wine

    Our first wine degustation session. This time, virtually. ZOOM 

    Date: March 5th, 19h30 estonian time, friday

    Wine to be tasted: Cuvée Privée Monte la Reina red wine

    Duration: 30-40min.

    Wine Expert: Miss Teresa Folgado, Monte La Reina Vineyard's Commercial Manager

    Included: 1 bottle of the selected wine and the virtual course. The transport is free over 50€ purchases

    ZOOM meeting Code and password will be delivered by mail to registered customers ones week before.