D.O. Toro

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  • €29.00

    MLR-VFB Verdejo oak barrel fermented - White Wine 75Cl Bottle

    Verdejo is the typical variety of grape of Toro region for white wines. This wine has the fresh acidity typical of white dry wines and the time of oak barrel fermentation provides the structure typical of a red wine. It is a surprising wine!

    Perfect complement to white fish, seafood and rice dishes.

    Aged between 5-7 months in French oak barrels.

  • €30.00

    MLR- CP Cuvée Privée Red Wine 75 Cl Caucasian barrel

    Cuvée Privée is a red wine from vineyards older than 40 years. The grape, tinta de toro, gives character and structure to wine, specially due their late harvest. It is aged during 14 months in caucasian and french oak barrels.

    At table, it combines perfectly with rocky fish, meat, semicured cheeses and hunted meats, It is ideal also to drink with desserts chocolate based.

    Service temperature: 16-18ºC

    Bottle: 75 cl. 

  • €41.00

    MLR-VS Selected vintage Reserva Red wine - 75Cl

    100% Tinta de Toro grape variety, this wine is a Reserva (14 months aging in new french oak barrels), and the grapes which it is made are selected from centenary vineyards only (pre philoxera)

    It is ideal with red meats, iberian sausages, creamy soups and/or cured cheeses. 

    Service temperature:16-18ºC  

  • €55.00

    MLR-I Red Wine Reserve INARAJA - Toro Region

    100% Tempranillo

    Grapes from century old vines

    Aged for 16 months in French oak barrels

    Winner of the Mundus Vini Grand Gold medal in 2015 and 2016. This is the highest distinction awarded in this contest and only 33 wines in the world receive this medal.