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  • €22.00

    H-HLT Red Wine HABLA LA TIERRA 2019 750ml

    Habla La Tierra is the gateway to the world HABLA. A wine to enjoy every day. A temptation hard to refuse.

    Colour: Garnet intense cherry characteristic of all Habla wines, with violet rim. Bright and clean the glass, with dense tears.

    Aroma: Looking for a different nose from the rest. Hints of tomatoe leaf, anise, and chamomile, evoke the land where the grapes ripen. The scent of latex reminds fig leaf springs fig: sweet and bitter.

    Taste: Fresh and sparkling, evokes the feeling of eating a pomegranate, a fresh fruit aftertaste.

  • €26.50

    H-HDT White Wine HABLA de Ti 750ml

    One of the most aromatic world varieties (sauvignon blanc), Habla de Ti (speak of yourself) is a modern and femenine white wine  that weds easily with many types of food: easy to understand and enjoyable for every occasion  

    Colour: Bright green with golden hues

    Bouquet: Varietal intense bouquet of sauvignon blanc with hints of asparagus, mango, tomato leaf and boxwood.

    Palate: It is fresh, intense and with a long life in palate of tropical fruits.

  • €28.00

    H-HDS Red Wine HABLA DEL SILENCIO 2017 750ml

    Best Red Wine of Spain Award 2014-15-16-17

    Habla del Silencio is a red wine, aged for six month in french oak barrels with 40% new wood, 30% wood used for the first time and 30% wood used for the second time.

    Colour: Cherry, with dense tears

    Nose: Intense, aromas of chocolate and liquorish mixed with intense note of cherry liquor.

    Mouth: Fresh, with elegant and nice final taste.

  • €29.00

    MLR-VFB Verdejo oak barrel fermented - White Wine 75Cl Bottle

    Verdejo is the typical variety of grape of Toro region for white wines. This wine has the fresh acidity typical of white dry wines and the time of oak barrel fermentation provides the structure typical of a red wine. It is a surprising wine!

    Perfect complement to white fish, seafood and rice dishes.

    Aged between 5-7 months in French oak barrels.

  • €30.00

    TC-05/03/21 - Tasting Session MLR Cuvée Privée Red Wine

    Our first wine degustation session. This time, virtually. ZOOM 

    Date: March 5th, 19h30 estonian time, friday

    Wine to be tasted: Cuvée Privée Monte la Reina red wine

    Duration: 30-40min.

    Wine Expert: Miss Teresa Folgado, Monte La Reina Vineyard's Commercial Manager

    Included: 1 bottle of the selected wine and the virtual course. The transport is free over 50€ purchases

    ZOOM meeting Code and password will be delivered by mail to registered customers ones week before.

  • €30.00

    MLR- CP Cuvée Privée Red Wine 75 Cl Caucasian barrel

    Cuvée Privée is a red wine from vineyards older than 40 years. The grape, tinta de toro, gives character and structure to wine, specially due their late harvest. It is aged during 14 months in caucasian and french oak barrels.

    At table, it combines perfectly with rocky fish, meat, semicured cheeses and hunted meats, It is ideal also to drink with desserts chocolate based.

    Service temperature: 16-18ºC

    Bottle: 75 cl. 

  • €34.00

    H-HDM White Submarine Wine HABLA del Mar 750ml

    Habla del Mar (speak of the sea) is a pleasant and energetic wine, which invites us to imagine an infinite horizon by the sea...

    Color: Lemon yellow, clean and bright, with light shades of steel.

    Aroma: Of subtle fragance, highlights its aroma of seaside that evokes long walks by the sea. A first salty note reminds of seafood, to give way to a vegetable note of some species of seaweed. Behind this delicate expression, nuances of quince and chamomile appear.

    Taste: After a smooth entry, develops all its expression with an acidity that gives the mouth great tension, true marine minerality. Its finish exudes fresh and floral sensations with a saline touch.

  • €41.00

    MLR-VS Selected vintage Reserva Red wine - 75Cl

    100% Tinta de Toro grape variety, this wine is a Reserva (14 months aging in new french oak barrels), and the grapes which it is made are selected from centenary vineyards only (pre philoxera)

    It is ideal with red meats, iberian sausages, creamy soups and/or cured cheeses. 

    Service temperature:16-18ºC  

  • €43.00

    H-HR Rosé Wine HABLA Rita 750ml

    Habla Rita is a Rosé wine. Made in France, this spanish winery made in Côtes de Provence shows all the features of the real rosé de provence, where it is maximized the syrah and garnache expression. 

    Colour: Pale pink with fucsia hues

    Bouquet: Fresh and intense grapefruit with subtle hues of violet, laurel and redberries

    Palate: It is smooth, round, delicate including many raspberry or strawberry notes with a long and full of different hues finish in mouth.