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What is a good spanish wine without a tapa?. Spain has a large assortment of products to combine, with a long millenary tradition up to roman empire and even before!. Iberian ham, made of the meat "pata negra" (black foot) a cause of the dark skin of pigs that eat acorns only during the whole life, giving to meat and fat this special flavour and healthy properties that made them famous. Products, ham and sausages, made just with natural ingredients: meat, salt, time and the cold winds of the regions where they are produced during thousands years... and the spanish cheese...goat, sheep, cow, mixed, with paprika, olive oil, gofio (toasted cereals flour), every type is perfect anytime with a glass of wine, or just a piede of good bread. Our fine meats and cheese are cured, to be eaten with nuts, fruits and wine in a social event and or friends meeting!


  • Iberian cured sausages
    <p>Spain has a long expertise preparing cured hams and sausages, taking advantage of particularities of the terrain, the race of pigs and climate. Thanks to these variables, we can enjoy cured meats, among iberic ham, chorizo, salcjichón and lomo, all properly sliced and vacuum packed. Just open at least one hour before serving at normal temperature. Envelopes cannot be eaten!!</p>
  • Cured spanish cheeses
    <p>Goat, sheep, cow...from La Mancha to the Canary Islands, spanish cheeses have long tradition. Historical roots have made cheeses a speciality, simple pleasure to maridate with wine, a good bread or just naturally. </p>
  • Olive Oils
    <p>One of the most famous products of Spain is "the liquid gold", called like for centuries, spanish olive oils are basic ingredient of mediterranean way of life. Health and taste in each variety: arbequina, picual... a healthly pleasure to your salasds, toasts or even alone! </p>

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