MC - Cured manchego cheese La Jaraba - +-250gr piece

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Manchego Cheese, At least 6 months cured

Appellation of Origin: MANCHEGO ARTESANO

Milk type: Own raw livestock milk - 100% manchega sheep

Maturation: minimum 6 months.

Tuning: up to 8th - 10th month depending on format.

Weight: Approx. 250 gr.

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Dressed in its NATURAL bark, without addition of dyes or other substances outside the product itself, our Manchego Artesano Cheese D.O. CURADO "La Jaraba" is made with raw milk from authentic Manchega sheep. With a minimum healing of 6 months and subsequent refinement according to size, the CURADO "La Jaraba" is characterized by the balance of its flavor and intense aroma, along with a creaminess not without consistency and firmness, homogeneous texture with barely eyes (very small and not evenly distributed by the surface, quality sign in the elaboration), ivory color, and palate marked by its persistence and flavor developed thanks to its optimal maturation , typical of a high quality cured cheese.

To be able to appreciate all the aroma and flavor of this cheese we recommend to keep it in a cool and dry place between 4oC-8oC, and leave the cheese at room temperature for approximately 40 minutes before tasting.

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